The OdiloAPP for windows allows you to borrow any title available in the library catalog and download it to your windows device in one click.

The application is optimized for computers with Microsoft Windows operating system.

From the app you can browsing the catalog, make loans, renewals and reservations, read online and download books to read (once a title is downloaded, the user does not need an internet connection to read the title).

The reader that is included in the application allows users to customize their reading experience by changing the font type, size and letter spacing. It also allows users to select the background color.

The ODILO app enables synchronization with up to 6 different devices. You can read from any of the 6 devices, with the ability to start your book at the same point where you left it in the other device.


The application is available at:

After you download and install the app, you will need to activate it on your device: Select the library to which you belong and enter your user ID and password.

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