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How to download an e-book to your e-reader

The steps to download, transfer and read an ebook in your eReader depend on the device's model and Internet connectivity. To transfer ebooks to other devices compatible with Adobe DRM, you must authorize those devices for your Adobe ID using Adobe Digital Editions. Please, take in to account that your device needs to be compatible with Adobe DRM technology.

1. Start your Adobe Digital Editions application.

2. Connect the eReader device to your computer using the corresponding cable and connection instructions given by the device manufacturer.

3. If the device is compatible with Adobe DRM, Adobe Digital Editions program will detect it automatically and it will show the device in the Devices section of the homepage.

4. Select the device in the Devices menu of Adobe Digital Editions:

a. In "Devices", click on "device settings" and select "Authorize device"

b. Adobe Digital Editions will show up an information window about the authorization.

c. When "Authorize device" option is selected, Adobe Digital Editions will connect to the Internet to check your data and, if correct, it will show a confirmation message of the Adobe ID successfully linked to the device.

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