Installation and authentication of Adobe Digital Editions


The steps to download Adobe® Digital Editions (ADE) follow:

1. Click on: to access ADE website.

2. Download ADE application: click on the Windows linkor click on the Macintosh link, depending on your computer's Operating System.

3. Go to folder where the downloaded file was saved and double-click to run the installer.

4. The license agreement window will pop-up. Click on the check box to accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next to continue.

5. Check the components you want to install and then click Next to continue.

6. Select a destination folder where ADE will be installed. You can select the default location or choose another location by clicking on Browse and navigating to the desired folder. For purposes of this guide, we will select the default ADE destination and Click on Install to begin the install process.

7. The installation process will start. Once this is finished, click on Close.

8. A final screen indicates the installation process has successfully completed. Click Done to exit the setup and Adobe Digital Editions will open.

9. Open Adobe Digital Editions.

Authorizing ADE

The steps to authorize Adobe Digital Editions installation are as follows:

1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.

2. Go to menu Help > Authorize Computer...

3. Complete the Authorize Your Computer Screen.

  1. In eBook Vendor: Select Odilo.
  2. ID: enter your library ID.
  3. Password: enter your library password.

4. Click on Authorize.

Note 1 on DRM Protection: All eBooks read or downloaded prior to Adobe ID's activation, will stop working once the Adobe ID has been activated.

Note 2 on DRM Protection: All eBooks read or downloaded with an Adobe ID different to the user's ID, will not work on the user's ID.

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